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Many of us have heard about the benefits of coconut oil for dogs, but let’s not forget the oil that comes from olives, which houses its own set of advantages. Rich in antioxidants, olive oil provides a huge, healthy boost to your doggie diet. Here are just a few reasons to add it to your pup’s food bowl:

1. It boosts immunity, which means a longer life. 

Olive oil contains antioxidents, plyphenols, vitamin E, chlorophyll, oleic acid, and carotenoids, all of which are great for warding off sickness and disease. These ingredients plus olive oil’s free radical cell oxidation give your dog a boost when the seasons change and also are believed to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer – the latter of which kills 50 percent of dogs over age 10.

2. It controls weight gain.

Olive oil contains a ton of monosaturated fats, which encourages weight loss by breaking down the fat inside fat cells. If your dog needs to shed a few pounds, olive oil can help get rid of belly fat and reduce insulin resistance – yes, that means it helps prevent diabetes, too!

3. It’s good for their brain.

Like other good fats, olive oil provides brain productivity that actually makes your dog smarter and more focused. Puppies who are in training can benefit to help hold their attention, while senior dogs need a daily dose to help prevent cognitive decline.  Olive oil is especially important “brain food” for breeds that are known for their smarts, such as Border Collies, Poodles, and Mensa Mutts.

4. It keeps skin moisturized and beautiful.

If your dog struggles with dry patches, itchy skin, or dull hair, a daily serving of olive oil can restore moisture to the skin from the inside out. 

5. It helps the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Some brachycephalic breeds that have difficulty breathing, such as Bulldogs, can profit from olive oil because of its benefits of reducing asthma symptoms in humans. Olive oil also increases blood flow and improves circulation – all of which provide your dog with sustained energy throughout the day.

6. It tastes good.

Is your kibble a tad bit dry or stale? Add in a spoonful of olive oil or an antioxidant treat (like our Day One Treats – keep reading) to perk things up. Your pup will be glad you did! 

Are you convinced that olive oil is a must-have for your dog’s daily diet? Try our Day One Treats – rich in the highest quality, human-grade, and USA-sourced ingredients for your furry friend.

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